My New 2018 Author Interview Series Launches Tomorrow

I am very excited at the lineup of authors that I’ve already compiled for my 2018 interview series. It includes some familiar names and some that are new. All of them will have their interviews added to my growing Author Directory.

I’ve put some thought into the questions for this new series and, from the responses I’m seeing, you should enjoy them.

Here is the new background photo I will be using for the series:

2018 Interview Template

It may not seem like much, but it is a photo of my ‘idea notebook’. It contains all of my ideas for stories and books that I hope to bring to fruition as some point. The question marks will be replaced by the authors name and photo each week. The phrase “ideas become things” along with the large question mark actually appear on the front of the notebook. I added the title and question marks for the name.

On Friday, you’ll find out who the first author in the interview series will be. I hope that you enjoy this new format.

I currently have 21 authors that have expressed interest in being interviewed. I plan on posting 52 interviews, so there is space for more.

If you’re interested in being interviewed, please email me at


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